SMS Error Codes

HTTP Status Code

HTTP StatusDescription
200Successful request
202Successful request has been accepted
400Invalid Input, validation failed
500Server Error, unable to process your request
Error CodeDescription
E106Improper callback object
E107Only GET and POST methods are allowed for callback
E110You have a low balance in your account. Check and add the credits to proceed.
E401The SMS length is exceeding 4000 characters. Keep the characters below the maximum limit and re-execute the command.
E402Invalid schedule time. Minimum 5 minutes time gap is required and 3 months from now.
E404You cannot send the OTP type message to multiple numbers in one go.
E405You cannot send the TXN type message to more than 100 numbers in a single attempt.
E406Invalid Mobile Number. Enter the appropriate Mobile Number and re-execute the command.
E413The Body parameter is mandatory.
E413The Sender ID is missing in the request. Include an ID and proceed.
E413The To parameter is missing. Include the parameter, set the value, and re-execute the command.
E413The Campaign name should contain only alphanumeric.
E413Invalid or In-Correct input for passing HTML tags in parameters.
E414For the MKT type, you cannot add more than 5000 mobile numbers.
E418Invalid or In-Correct Sender ID
E421Invalid or In-Correct recipient (From) number.
E425The Channel can be either WhatsApp/SMS.
E601The Body field cannot be empty.
E604The Unicode must contain only 0, 1, or AUTO.
E606The Flash parameter can contain only 1 or 0.
E607The Campaign name should contain only alphanumeric.
E611The Type parameter is missing in the request.
E616The Sender field has to be filled.
E622The Type has to be either OTP, MKT, TXN, TXND, and M2M.
E631The Body field cannot be an array.
E907At least one of the parameters with To-number or To needs to be passed.
E908The To-number passed should be in E164 format.
MSG500Request not processed. Please try again after some time.