Automatic blacklisting of contacts on directory

Blacklist the invalid or incorrect contact numbers on the directory automatically.

When businesses send the promotional or the transactional SMS to customers, they want to make sure they send the SMS only to valid contact numbers and avoid sending to the invalid or incorrect contact numbers.
With the automatic blacklisting feature, companies can blacklist those customers' contact numbers that do not receive the SMS for a specified number of times and specified days successively. This feature works at the company’s account level.

For details on how to enable blacklisting feature for your account, see: Auto Blacklisting on Directory



You can view/edit the blacklisted contact numbers from Directory > Contacts tab on
For more information on how to edit, restore a blacklisted contact number and so on, refer to the Directory topic.

To re-activate a contact number that is blacklisted, go to the Directory > Contacts page. Then, select the contact number that you want to re-activate and select the Edit option. On the Edit Contact dialog, clear the Blacklist / Block the user? check box . The contact number gets activated.