What should the opt-in confirmation request for notifications include?

For customers to agree to receive your messages, you can obtain their consent in one of the following ways:

  • User Action: A user action must trigger it. For example, entering a phone number or selecting an 'I agree' checkbox.
  • Explicit Language: The permission request should include explicit language. For example, "I agree to receive communication (noun) from 'XYZ' (logo and name) on my WhatsApp number (your number).
  • Visual Indication: A visual element should be shown next to the WhatsApp name and logo. For example, a checkbox the user can select.
How can a business get customers to opt-in for WhatsApp notifications?

A business can collect opt-ins from prospective customers in the following ways:

  • During the online transaction process
  • While setting up user profile and preferences
  • Via email, SMS, or within a mobile app
  • Via phone interactive voice response (IVR)

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