Oracle Eloqua

SMS Plugin


What is Oracle Eloqua?

Eloqua is a SaaS platform for marketing automation offered by Oracle that helps B2B marketers and organizations manage marketing campaigns and sales lead generation. Kaleyra Cloud supports Send SMS actions through the campaign and program canvas.

How can we leverage Kaleyra services on Oracle Eloqua?

When we integrate Kaleyra and Oracle Eloqua, you can perform the following actions:

  • Trigger Campaign for Contacts
  • Trigger Program for Contacts
  • Trigger Program for Custom Objects
  • Send SMS
  • Send Test SMS
What are the topics covered in this Integration Guide?

The following are the key features that are covered in this guide:

You can check out to know more or write to us at [email protected] for round-the-clock support!

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Oracle Eloqua

SMS Plugin

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