SMS Status and Status Trace Codes

This document provides information about the status and Status trace codes you would receive when executing the SMS REST APIs.

StatusStatus TraceDescription
NOT-SENTNOT-ALLOWEDCountry not enabled.
NOT-SENTNO-CREDITSInsufficient credits.
NOT-SENTSERIES-BLOCKMobile number series blocked.
NOT-SENTKLR-INV-NUMBERThe recipient mobile number is invalid.
UNDELIVEREDINV-NUMBERThe recipient mobile number is invalid.
NOT-SENTBLACKLISTThe mobile number to which you want to send is blacklisted.
NOT-SENTCON-DNDThe Contact is marked as DND.
NOT-SENTINV-MOB-PATTRNThe recipient mobile number is invalid.
NOT-SENTINV-TEMPLATE-MATCHTemplate not matching approved text.
NOT-SENTNOT-OPTINNot subscribed for opt-in group.
NOT-SENTOUTPUT-REJUnsubscribed from the group.
NOT-SENTOPT-OUTMessage cannot be sent. Because the recipient has opted-out.
NOT-SENTREJECTED-MULTIPARTValidation fail [SMS over 160 characters].
NOT-SENTDND-NUMBDND registered number.
UNDELIVEREDINVALID-SUBNumber does not exist. Failed to locate the number in HLR database.
UNDELIVEREDABSENT-SUBTelecom services not providing service for the particular number or Mobile Subscriber not reachable.
UNDELIVEREDHANDSET-ERRProblem with Handset or handset failed to get the complete message or Handset does not support the incoming messages.
UNDELIVEREDBARREDEnd user has enabled message barring system or Subscriber only accepts messages from Closed User Group [CUG].
UNDELIVEREDNET-ERROperator of subscriber is not supported or Gateway mobile switching error.
UNDELIVEREDMEM-EXECHandset memory full.
UNDELIVEREDFAILEDSMS expired due to roaming limitation or Failed to process the message at operator level.
UNDELIVEREDMOB-OFFMobile handset in switched off mode.
UNDELIVEREDHANDSET-BUSYSubscriber is in busy condition.
UNDELIVEREDSERIES-BLKSeries blocked by the operator.
UNDELIVEREDEXPIREDSMS expired after multiple re-try.
UNDELIVEREDREJECTEDSMS Rejected as the number is blacklisted by operator.
UNDELIVEREDUN-DELIVFailed due to network errors.
SENT - NO DLRNO-DLR-OPTR-PROMO-INOperators in India do not share a delivery report for submitted SMS which are sent to India Promotional Route with Numerical Sender ID.
DELIVEREDDELIVRDMessage successfully delivered to the user.
NOT-SENTMOB-NOT-ALLOWEDWith the default Sender ID (KLRHXA), you can only send messages to your team.
NOT-SENTNUM-LIMITMessage-cap Overrun.
NOT-SENTDUPLICATESMS not sent as duplicate check limit exceeded.
NOT-SENTBLOCKED-COUNTRYYou are not allowed to send to this country as it is blocked for your account.
UNDELIVEREDREJECTDSMS Rejected as the number is blacklisted by operator.
NOT-SENTINF-CREDITInsufficient credits.
UNDELIVEREDTL-NT-MTCHDThe template does not match the template registered on the DLT platform.
UNDELIVEREDSDR-TL-MSMATThe sender ID used along with the template ID do not match as per the registration in DLT portal.
UNDELIVEREDTL-NT-FOUNDThe message content sent was not found in the DLT platform as a registered template.
UNDELIVEREDTL-LMT-EXCEDThe variable content sent exceeds the allowed limit.
UNDELIVEREDTL-BLKLSTThe message template pushed has been blacklisted at the DLT platform level.
UNDELIVEREDTL-INACTIVEThe message template sent is in inactive status at the DLT platform level.
NOT-SENTURL-SHRT-FAILEDSMS not sent as URL shortening failed. Please contact support team at [email protected].
NOT-SENTURL-NT-SENTSMS not sent as replaceable URL details not sent in API.
NOT-SENTURL-VAR-NT-FOUNDSMS not sent as URL replaceable variable {URL} not found in the body.
NOT-SENTKL-TEMPLATE-ID-NOT-FOUNDSMS not sent as matching template ID not found for content.
NOT-SENTKL-INV-CALLBACKInvalid callback object.
NOT-SENTKL-CALLBACK-URLURL field is mandatory in callback object.
NOT-SENTKL-INV-CALLBACK-METHODMethod field is mandatory in callback object.
NOT-SENTKL-INV-CALLBACK-METHOD-TYPEOnly GET and POST methods are allowed for callback.
NOT-SENTKL-INV-BODYInvalid message body.
NOT-SENTKL-INV-PORTInvalid message port.
NOT-SENTKL-INV-UNICODEInvalid value for Unicode parameter.
NOT-SENTKL-INV-FLASHInvalid value for flash parameter.
NOT-SENTKL-INV-URL-SHRTN-DATAInvalid url_data input.
NOT-SENTKL-INV-REFInvalid ref value.
NOT-SENTKL-INV-REF1Invalid ref1 value.
NOT-SENTKL-INV-REF2Invalid ref2 value.
UNDELIVEREDINV-ENTIY-IDThe Entity ID that customer used is Invalid.
UNDELIVEREDPRFT-NT-MTCHThis error code is received for Service Explicit content only. When the end-user is registered under DND. This is completely based on the DND preference selected by the end-user.
UNDELIVEREDSNDR-NT-REGSender ID is not registered in the DLT Platform.
UNDELIVEREDTL-ID-INVLDThe template ID that customer using is Invalid.
UNDELIVEREDSUBMIT-FAILSubmission to Operator failed.
UNDELIVEREDSNDR-NT-REGDSender ID is not registered in the DLT Platform.
NOT-SENTMASKING-MISMATCHMessage Content has Unicode or Mask parameters do not match body.
NOT-SENTTIME-OUT-PROMMarketing Campaign can only be sent from 10am to 9pm.
NOT-SENTMAX-LIMITThe message could not be delivered as it exceeded maximum character limit.
NOT-SENTSMS-LIMIT-REACHEDSMS Not Sent as SMS-Limit has been reached.