Opt-in for Kaleyra Services

What is Opt-in?

An opt-in is when a customer agrees to receive text (SMS or WhatsApp messages) or calls from your business. To opt-in, your customer (recipient) must share their mobile number and provide consent through a different channel. For example, if you want to send promotional text messages, then the recipient must opt for receiving these messages from a channel other than SMS.

You can start calling and sending texts only after receiving the customer's consent and valid documents to ensure that you comply with regulatory mandates.

Opt-in can be a signup form, paper form, or any digital record which can serve as a proof
that your customer agreed on the terms and conditions to receive SMS/WhatsApp notifications or calls from your business entity.

Before you proceed with using Kaleyra as your communication platform, we assume that you have obtained all required opt-ins from your customer.

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