WhatsApp Business Messaging

What types of messages can be sent through WhatsApp Business?

After generating an opt-in link and getting permission from customers, businesses can send two main types of messages through WhatsApp:

  1. Notifications
    These messages can be sent automatically at any time. For example, messages to inform customers about gate changes, package delivery notifications, two-factor authentication (2FA) codes, etc. These notifications are critical to running the business and can be delivered to customers where they are most engaged.
    Notifications enable you to:
    - Deliver important, timely messages during your customer’s path to purchase
    - Continue the conversation with customers who respond to your notifications

  2. Customer care messages
    These messages can be sent within a 24-hour window of a customer initiating a conversation with the business. A business can send automated replies or have a proper conversation with its customers.
    Customer care messages enable you to:
    - Resolve issues one-on-one with private conversations
    - Connect with your customers instantly
    - Communicate with your customers on the channel they prefer

What types of notifications are allowed to be sent through WhatsApp?

Following are the Supported Notification types:

  • Account Update
  • Alert Update
  • Appointment Update
  • Issue Resolution
  • Payment Update
  • Personal Finance Update
  • Reservation Update
  • Shipping Update
  • Ticket Update
  • Transportation Update

What types of notifications are not allowed to be sent through WhatsApp?

There are some cases where you are not allowed to send notifications. Here are some notification types that WhatsApp does not accept at this point in time {these might change in future releases):

  • Sales, discounts, promotions, product recommendations, or offers
  • Recurring content
  • Customer re-engagement
  • Businesses asking customers to review their app
  • Businesses sending reminders or alerts that a customer may have indicated an interest in seeing (not related to a purchase or event)
  • Product or marketing/brand surveys

What is the maximum text length that can be sent in one message?

The maximum length of a text message that can be sent through WhatsApp Business is 4096 characters.

When I write a single message with multiple line breaks, why does the message get sent individually or in multiple fragments?

Multiple lines breaks lead to messages getting sent individually or in multiple fragments because WhatsApp (or any other chat provider) does not support text and other types of media in a single message.

What are the types of MEDIA formats supported in WhatsApp?

WhatsApp supports the following:

  • End customers can send media messages in .jpeg, .png, .pdf, .xlsx, and .docx format. This attachment will be received by the business from Kaleyra via an Incoming webhook.
  • Agents can also send images, files, and videos in the above format but it will be shown as a link to the end customer and they will have to click on the link to see the attachment.

What are the different types of MEDIA messages that you can send through WhatsApp Business?

The types of media messages WhatsApp Business supports are tabulated below:




Maximum text message length of 4096 characters.


JPG, PNG, MP3, MP4, PDF, PPT, Document, and XLS








MP3, MP4


Only text message


List of contacts


Current or Map location

What happens when a message is deleted in WhatsApp? Will it get deleted from Kaleyra too?

Clearing the chat or deleting messages from inside WhatsApp will not affect the logs in your Kaleyra account in any way. You can always access the portal to view detailed information of your messages through the log files.

What is the maximum size of attachments that can be sent?

The attachment size limit is 64MB for any type of attachment.

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