Design automated interactive voice response flows to communicate with the customers using our user-friendly Flow Builder tool.

Once you have successfully activated your Kaleyra account and set up the numbers, start building the 'flows' as per your business use cases.
Kaleyra’s Flow Builder allows you to design 'flows' with easy drag-and-drop widgets to handle customer calls.

Building a flow using Flow Builder

A ‘flow’ is an automated workflow built with easy to drag and drop widgets that will perform actions to determine the path of an incoming call. You can build as many flows as needed.

The key components of a flow are as follows:


A ‘trigger’ is an incoming call or an API call that invokes the flow and executes all the widgets configured in the flow. To know more about the triggers, see: Flow Builder Triggers.

A ‘widget’ is an individual component that performs a set of actions. Drag and drop these widgets and configure them as per the business needs. To know more about widgets,
see: Widget Library.

To help you get started, Flow Builder provides you with pre-configured templates for common business use cases. For more information on templates, see: Flow Builder Templates.