Search and Filter SMS Template

The Search and Filter SMS Template feature allows you to search and filter the templates based on the existing templates.

The topic contains the following sections:

Search SMS Template

You can search for the SMS template from the Template list page based on the name that you have provided for the SMS template.

To search the SMS template, perform the following steps:

  1. Sign in to your account.

  2. Go to Channels and on the SMS section, click Manage.

  1. Go to the Templates tab and then click Templates.

The Template list shows the Title, Template ID, Purpose, Content, date of template creation, and the template status for all the past templates.

Hover the mouse to the Content column to view the content description.



If the content is long, then you can scroll the cursor up and down to view the entire content.

  1. In the Search for Template title field, enter the complete or partial template name for which you wish to search, and the respective template list appears.

Filter SMS Template

You can also search templates by the Filter option based on a date range. You need to provide the date range "start and end" and based on the provided date range the SMS template appears.

To filter the SMS template, perform the following steps:

  1. Follow the steps from 1 through 3 of the Search SMS Template section.
  2. Click Filter. The Filter pop-up appears.

You can search templates by one or more of the following options:

  • By template content in the Content field.
  • By Template ID field (applicable only in India). This is the unique template ID you have received while registering with DLT.
  • By Sender ID. Click the arrow next to the Sender ID field to view the list. For more information on how to create a Sender ID see, Create a Sender ID page.
  • By Template Status. Click the arrow next to the Status field to view the list.

The following are the supported status options:

 a. Approved - Templates that are successfully approved.

 b. Under Review -Templates that are in the Review Stage.

 c. Rejected - Templates that are Rejected after review.
 d. Need Attention - Templates that require extra information from the client.
  • By kind of SMS sent using the template. Click the arrow next to the Purpose field to view the list. The supported options are OTP, Transactional (TXN), Transactional DND (TXND), M2M, and Marketing (MKT).
  • By Creation Date. Select the Start Date and the End Date from the Calendar and click Done.
  • All the templates created between the given Start Date and End Date will be returned.
  • Click Apply. The Templates matching the search criteria appear in the Template list page as per the selected filters.