Kaleyra SMS with Shopify

You can integrate the Kaleyra SMS plugin with the Shopify app with just a few permissions and a few clicks.


  • You must have an active Kaleyra account for installing the Kaleyra SMS plugin on the Shopify platform. To register a new account on Kalera.io, contact our support team. See: Support).
  • Active Shopify account.
  • A valid registered number to send SMS.
  • Minimum credit in your Kaleyra.io account to send SMS.


Complete the installation steps as suggested on the Shopify platform. Make sure you authorize Kaleyra to access the data required for the integration to work.

To install the Kaleyra plugin, perform the following steps:

  1. Go to the Kaleyra app link in the Shopify app store.
    The Kaleyra app page appears.
  1. Click Add app.
    A confirmation message appears with all the detailed information.
  1. Scroll down and click Install app. The app gets installed successfully.



Click the View details link next to the respective entities for detailed information. To know more about the terms and conditions, click the Terms and conditions link.

  1. On the Login page, enter your Business email, Password, and then click Login.