Date and Time

You can logically branch the flows based on working hours and holidays. This would enable you to have a different flow when a caller calls during nonworking hours and holidays. You can inform the caller about the work timings and ask them to call back accordingly or leave a voicemail. For more information on how to use Voicemail, see the Voicemail page.

The Date and Time widget has two conditions:

Match — If the customer calls within the specified date and time frame, then the flow will navigate to the Match condition. This is the ideal flow path.
No Match —If the customer does not call within the specified date and time frame, then the flow will navigate to the No Match condition.

To use the date and time widget, perform the following steps:

  1. Drag the Play widget onto the canvas from the Widget Library.

The Date and Time widget pop-up appears.


The Date and Time widget has the following fields to configure:

  • Timezone - Click the arrow next to the timezone and search for the preferred timezone.
  • Branch - Select between Working Hours and Holidays as the branch type.

  a. Working Hours
The working hour's branch is used to define the working hours of a Company/ Business. This is useful for end customers when making calls outside business hours.
i. Select a date range between when the working hours will be applicable. This option is not mandatory.
ii. Set the working hours in 24 hours format. You can add multiple time slots.
iii. Select days of the week to which these working hours will be applicable (weekdays).

Suppose you set your Working Hours from 6 am to 8 pm. When the widget is triggered for a customer, the system checks if the customer has called between the configured working hours. If yes, the Match condition executes, else No Match.

  a. Holiday
You can use the holiday branch when the business needs to be closed. If any customer calls on a said holiday date, the flow is navigated to the Holiday branch.

Suppose you have set January 26th as a Holiday. Any customers calling on 26th January will be navigated to the Holiday branch flow.

  1. Click Save to save the changes.
  2. Click Delete to delete the widget.

Sample Date and Time Widget Flow Diagram: