Replay SMS Campaign

The Replay Campaign feature on the platform enables you to re-send a previous campaign to a selected set of original recipients based on their message delivery status.

For example:

  • If you send 100 messages and 50 of them are not delivered, you can try to re-send those 50 to increase your overall delivery rate.
  • If you send 100 messages and 50 of them are delivered and you want to send the campaign again as a reminder, you can re-send the message to 50 delivered statuses to save money on your reminder campaign.

The following are the use cases used:

  • Ability to re-send the campaign to recipients based on the delivery status.
  • Send reminders to recipients. This is a way to send (for example) 2 or 3 reminders without having to create a brand-new campaign.

Using this feature, you can:

  • Select an already closed Campaign.

  • Choose a subset of contacts from the submitted campaign, based on the SMS Delivery status.

  • Create a new, prepopulated campaign with the selected subset of contacts and by default with the same Message Body.

  • Change the Message Body/Templates for the new campaign.

  • Send the new campaign immediately or schedule it for later.


  • You need to Launch the SMS Campaign. For more information, see the Launch an SMS Campaign page.
  • You must have sufficient credits for launching your SMS campaign.



  • The Replay Campaign feature is available for 1 month from the first submission of the campaign. The campaign must be at least 1 day old.
  • Only Submitted campaigns can be replayed.

To enable the Replay Campaign functionality, perform the following steps:

  1. Sign in to your account.
  2. On the Campaigns page, click SMS.

The SMS Campaigns listing page appears.

  1. On the SMS Campaigns listing page, click the ellipsis (three dots) available to view the Replay Campaign feature.
  2. Click Replay Campaign. The Replay Campaign pop-up appears.

The Replay Campaign page houses the following fields:

a. Selected campaign—The original campaign name will be displayed.

b. Select status replay the campaign—Select the final SMS status for which you want to replay the campaign. All mobile numbers with SMS selected status will be part of the new targets for the new campaign.

The following are the SMS Delivery Status:

  • Delivered
  • UnDelivered
  • NotSent
  • Sent

For more information, see page.

Filtering SMS Delivery Status:

You can filter the SMS delivery status using the following options:

  1. Select the entire status by clicking on the check box provided.
  2. Select more than 1 OR All SMS delivery statuses.
  3. View the list of sub-statuses by clicking on the + icon beside the SMS status provided.
  4. Select 1 OR All sub-statuses for the respective SMS delivery status.
  5. View the list of sub-status for 1 OR All SMS delivery status.
  6. Select 1 sub-status from different SMS delivery statuses.



If you hover over the mouse on the info icon, the short description of the sub-status will be displayed.

  1. Click Continue. The Launch Campaigns page appears.

The Launch Campaigns page houses the following fields:

  • Campaign Name—Enter your Campaign with a custom name. By default, the present Date and Time will be populated.

  • Sender ID—Specifies the Sender ID. For Reply Campaign, the Sender ID and Route type are always the same as the original campaign, you cannot modify the Sender ID or Route type fields.

  • Sent to—Specifies the mobile numbers you want to send the new campaign to. For the Reply Campaign, you cannot modify the Sent to field. The Target number is the number selected when you click the Replay Campaign option.

  • Message Body—Enter your text in the provided message body. By default, the message body will be populated as per the originally selected campaign. You can modify as you wish.

  1. Click Templates to view the existing message templates. The Insert Template page appears.
  1. Choose the template from the Template column and click Import. The "Request Completed Successfully!" message appears.
  1. Once the draft is ready, you can send the message immediately or schedule it for later.
  2. Click Send to run the campaign, immediately. The Estimated Cost pop-up appears.
  1. Click Confirm. The "Campaign Submitted Successfully! campaignid:" message appears.
  1. Follow the steps from 8 through 11 of the Launch an SMS Campaign page.