Receive Updates about Messaging Limits using Webhooks

Use a WhatsApp webhook to know your phone number messaging limit and the quality rating.

WhatsApp webhook

You can receive information about any changes to your WhatsApp number rating by means of Webhook generated by Kaleyra. Whenever there is a change in the status (messaging limit) of your Whatsapp number, a webhook is sent from Kaleyra to your system.
The webhook is sent by means of HTTP call using GET method to the incoming URL you have set for receiving incoming messages.

The messaging limit of a phone number depends on the 'quality rating' of a phone number.



In order to get notified about the message limit status change of a phone number through a webhook, contact the Kaleyra support team. Refer to the page Contact Kaleyra Support Team for more details.

Webhook URL

The following example gives a notification about a phone number getting into 'flagged' status (quality rating) and is currently in the messaging limit of 10k customers for business initiated conversations.

The table below describes the parameters passed in the GET URL used for notifying the phone number current limit.




If you do not have a URL already set for receiving incoming messages, as soon as you set one (even if you are not expecting any incoming message), you will start receiving webhooks about your phone number quality rating.

The table below describes the parameters passed in the HTTP call used for notifying the phone number current limit.

ParameterData typeDescriptionExampleMandatory
client_URLstringCustomer URL to which Kaleyra sends the parameters (information) about the message limit status change. This URL is the same as the Incoming Message URL.

To know more on how to add all the phone number details and an incoming URL, see: page.
Phone_nonumericThe WhatsApp phone number for which the messaging limit has changed.+1 xxx xxx xxxxYes
EventstringThe message limit status change based on the phone quality rating.phone_number_quality_update_quality_updateYes
Current_limitstringThe current message limit status assigned to the WhatsApp number by Meta.10KYes