WhatsApp Template Category

The following are important reminders and updates to help you understand the new template categorization.



  • For India-based businesses, Meta does not currently allow registering templates using the Authentication category with a one-time password and hence the same is not allowed from kaleyra.io UI or API.
  • Kaleyra now supports following template categories: Marketing, Authentication, and Utility are supported.
  • Utility and Authentication replace Transactional and OTP Templates respectively, but Marketing Template remains the same.

Meta requests that each newly created template is associated with one of the following categories:

To pass this information you must use the attribute category in the body of the API call.

According to Meta, the category should be applied to a template as follows:


They do not relate to any specifically agreed transaction, but may instead relate to the business and/or its products/services. These templates may include promotions or offers, welcoming/closing messages, updates, invitations or recommendations, or requests to respond to or complete new transactions.


They enable businesses to authenticate users with one-time passcodes (usually 4-8 digit alphanumeric codes), potentially at multiple steps in the login process.

Use case: account verification, account recovery, integrity challenges.



  • URLs, media, and emojis are not allowed for authentication template content or parameters.
  • Parameters are also subject to an additional length limit of 15 characters.
  • New authentication template features are now available.


They relate to a specific, agreed-upon transaction such as confirming, suspending, or changing a transaction or subscription. Any template that has a mix of utility and marketing content will be classified as a marketing template.