Kaleyra Video is a natively integrated video solution available directly from the company’s existing digital touchpoints. Through our solution, you can join video calls directly from the company’s website or app without switching the digital environment you are already in and without switching the device you are already using. This makes your experience completely seamless right within the applications. It helps you to communicate and collaborate.

Kaleyra Video is available on any device and is customizable with the company's name, logo, and colors. It allows them to preserve and enhance their brand identity.

In Kaleyra Video your as well as your participant's data always stays protected since the video call technology is embedded within your existing touchpoints, eliminating the need to download any external software. The company branding in a video call, enhances brand identity, recognition, and recall, thus avoiding phishing issues.

Kaleyra Video can be integrated using any of the following:

  • Mobile SDK

For further details about integration, see our API Reference