Kaleyra Video is a cutting-edge WebRTC-based technology that allows enterprises to embed audio/video capabilities directly into their existing digital touchpoints across the web and mobile applications. The stack enables audio and video calling to be natively integrated into the applications, for a seamless interaction experience with customized branding and in-built collaboration tools.

WebRTC is a media engine that offers real-time communication natively from all major web browsers and mobile operating systems. It is an open standard, which defines a set of protocols and APIs that enable voice, video, and data communication over peer-to-peer connections.

Kaleyra Video is based on WebRTC and is compatible with the most common web browsers by design, without the need to install any third-party software. Through its APIs and SDKs, developers can easily add WebRTC features to their projects without going into detail with the protocol’s mechanics, so they can better focus on customizing the experience to tailor it to their business needs.

Key examples of Kaleyra Video use cases:

  • Onboarding: Agents can engage with participants, verify them remotely, and collaborate by sharing documents during the call.
  • Remote selling: Through Kaleyra Video, customers can interact with sellers directly remotely to purchase, they can select items to buy by viewing them live.
  • Financial Advisory: Financial advisors and banking customers can easily interact and collaborate directly from the personal online banking portal or mobile application.
  • Virtual Customer Care: Support agents can provide quick remote assistance to banking customers and prospects to help resolve queries through video collaboration features.
  • On-field agents assistance: Agents on the field can show directly using the application what they are experiencing to receive guidance from the operation center on how to work with and fix items.
  • Digital claim assessment: Customers can arrange a video call in no time and speed up the claim assessment process by collaborating with the relevant parties at the location of the accident.
  • In-app calling: Through customized in-app audio-calls organizations can be recognized immediately, enhancing privacy and security, and avoiding phishing attacks.


Based on the integration methods or device used for accessing videos, Kaleyra Video offers the following features:

Customizable Call Branding Kaleyra Video is designed to customize the logo and colors to reflect the company brand shown on the call interface, eliminating the hassle of developing a call UI/UX from scratch.
In-call Snapshot The snapshot feature allows participants to capture images of what they view while on the video call, freeze specific moments, and collaborate on them by uploading them to the whiteboard or downloading them locally.
Whiteboard The whiteboard feature allows call participants to collaborate during a call on a snapshot or a plain canvas, by drawing diagrams, taking notes, and highlighting elements without ever leaving the call UI, making collaboration a part of the overall call experience.
Live Pointer The live pointer allows participants to point to elements of the video feed that they view in real-time, using their mouse or trackpad, enabling them to guide the attention of the viewers to specific areas of the visual.
File Sharing Participants can exchange files with all other participants within the video room.
Screen Sharing The screen share feature allows participants to share all, or a section, of their screen with the other participants on the call.
In-call Chat Kaleyra Video comes with an integrated chat channel that can be used by participants to communicate using written text before, during, or after the interaction using audio/video call. The channel also allows a seamless upgrade from chat to call.
Recordings and Data Storage Calls can be recorded, either automatically with a system configuration, or by manually enabling recording at any time within the call. Recordings are securely stored and the Customer can transfer the recordings to their own infrastructure with a simple API call.
Virtual Backgrounds The Customer can upload a custom virtual background which can be enabled during video calls.
Digital Signature An organizer has the option to create envelopes of documents to send for signature to other participants.

The Video APIs category contains the following topics:

For more information about video APIs, see Video APIs Overview