Record a message from the caller using the Voicemail widget for later retrieval and use.

The Voicemail widget enables you to record the voice message from a caller and act upon it at a later time.

  1. Follow the steps from 1 through 3 of the Widget Library page.

  2. Click on the Voicemail widget from the widget library.
    The Voicemail widget window appears.

A sample Voicemail widget window is shown:

The Voicemail widget window has the following options:

  1. Enter Maximum Record Duration — Enter the maximum number of seconds for the voicemail recording. After the maximum specified time, the recording stops. The default is 60 seconds and maximum limit for recording is 1200 seconds.

  2. Enter the key to finish recording — Enter the key the user should press to stop recording. By default, '#' value. You can enter '#' or '*' keys in the field.

  3. Enable Post-recording Menu options — Use this toggle button to enable the options that you can set after the message recording is complete. These options enable you to listen to the recorded message and decide whether or not to re-record or confirm the voice recording.

  4. Define messages to be played after the caller finishes the recording:
    a) Text to Speech — Enter the message that should be played as speech when the widget is
    triggered. The minimum is three characters and the maximum characters is 4000 characters.
    Speech rate — Select the speech rate from the dropdown list.
    Language — Select the language in which the text should be played as speech from the
    drop-down list.
    For More information on Text-to-Speech, see Text-to-Speech page.
    b) Select audio — Select an existing audio file from the list.
    c) Upload File — Upload an audio file from your computer to play the message. The
    uploaded file will be saved in your account for later use. You can upload an audio file from
    either offline or online.

  5. Enter the key to listen to the recorded voice — Enter a key on the keyboard to listen to the
    recorded voice.

  6. Enter the key to re-record — Enter a key on the keyboard to re-record the message after
    listening to the recorded voice message.

  7. Enter the key to confirm recording — Enter a key on the keyboard to confirm the recording.



All the messages recorded using the Voicemail widget are added in the call log. You can access the call log entries to listen to the recorded messages and for other call details on the Kaleyra.io page, Channels > Voice > Logs.

  1. Click Save post configuring the widget.
  2. To delete the widget from the flow builder, click Delete.

A sample Voicemail Flow Diagram is shown.