Add Subaccount

You can add a sub-account through your Parent Account, with a few intuitive steps. You must verify whether the account is available on, if it is available then you can not create a sub-account using that email address.

To add a sub-account, perform the following steps:

  1. Sign in to your account.
  2. On the left menu bar, scroll down, and then click Subaccounts.
    The Manage Subaccounts page appears.

  1. Click Add Subaccount.
    The Add Subaccount page appears.

  1. Perform the following steps:
    a. In the Subaccount Name field, enter the sub-account user name. The maximum limit for a sub-account user name is 160 characters.
    b. In the Subaccount Email field, enter the valid email address of the sub-account user. The email address should meet the following criteria:
    • Sub-account should have the same email domain name as of Parent Account. For example, [email protected]_domain.
    • Sub-account email should be a work email. For example - [email protected]_domain.

      c. By default, Send an invitation email to the subaccount is selected and it sends an invitation to the sub-account user after saving the sub-account details. If you wish to configure the sub-account first and then send the invitation manually on your own, then clear Send an invitation email to the subaccount.



  • By default, Send an invitation email to the subaccount option is selected, then the sub-account user gets an invitation email. The sub-account user has to accept the invitation within the provided time before it expires. If the email invitation link gets expired, then you can ask them to use Forgot Password option to reset the password.
  • By default, in the Select Channel field, the SMS channel is selected. Currently, the sub-accounts support only SMS channels. Services related to the SMS channel get enabled, for example - SMS, and Lookup.

      d. In the Initial Credit field, enter the initial credit amount you wish to assign for the sub-account user. In the case of a prepaid account, the credit amount you have entered gets deducted from your main account immediately. In the case of a postpaid account, whenever a credit amount is assigned to a sub-account, the total amount that can be utilized within the month is adjusted accordingly.



  • If your account is based on the Prepaid model, then the initial credit amount can not exceed the main account’s current balance.
  • If your account is based on the Postpaid model, the initial credit amount can not exceed the maximum utilized amount within the month.

    e. (Optional) Select Send me an alert notification if the balance is low, if you wish to get a notification for a low balance for your sub-account.
The low balance fields appear.

    f. (Optional) In the Low Balance Alert Amount field, enter the threshold amount to get low balance alerts. The entered value should be numeric only. You will get a notification to the provided email address for a low balance when the amount goes below the threshold.
g. (Optional) In the Send Alerts to field, enter the email addresses where you wish to get notifications for low-balance alerts.



You can enter multiple email addresses separated by a comma.

  1. Click Save. An invitation is sent to the provided email address. The sub-account user needs to reset the sub-account password to accept the invitation and activate the sub-account or you can share the link and ask the sub-account user to reset the password using the Forgot Password option.



In the sub-accounts:

  • Company Name is set automatically to the same as the Parent Account Company Name.
  • No demo credits are provided to the sub-account, similar to the Parent Account.
  • KYC is not required to get the sub-account approved. KYC provided by a Parent Account will be valid for all subaccounts.
  • The following changes to the Parent Account will be applicable to all the sub-accounts:
    • If a Parent Account is deleted, all associated invited, active, and suspended sub-accounts will also be deleted.
    • If a Parent Account is suspended, all associated invited, active sub-accounts will also be suspended. If a Parent Account is unsuspended, all previously invited and active sub-accounts will be reactivated.
    • Currency, channel prices and pricing model, SMS Routing Configurations, and POD.
  • The following changes to the sub-accounts will acts as following:
    • If a sub-account is deleted, the outstanding balance is automatically returned to the Parent Account.
    • If a sub-account is suspended, all the sub-account users will no longer have access to their accounts and will not be able to send messages. Any outstanding balance will not be automatically returned to the Parent Account, but the Parent Account can manually remove credits from
  • The sub-accounts will inherit the properties from Parent Account. Although, sub-accounts have the option to update a few details that are independent of Parent Account details. For example, sub-account timezone.