Use Targeting Rules

You can further define your Broadcast recipients by applying Targeting Rules to your SMS or MMS Broadcasts. Enable Targeting Rules by selecting Yes in the Use Targeting Rules section for your Broadcast.

Once enabled, you will select your Rule and Comparison List. You can only select one Comparison List per Rule.

There are three Targeting Rules you can define:

  • The “and on” rule – will send to subscribers that are on ALL of the selected lists
  • The “or on” rule – will send to subscribers that are on ANY of the selected lists
  • The “and not on” rule – will send to subscribers that are on your primary List but not on your Comparison List(s)



Mobile numbers that are not present on the List or are Opted Out will be treated as “not on”; mobile numbers that are Opted In will be considered “on” the List.

Once the Targeting Rules are defined, users can view the List size and search for mobile numbers via the Preview Targeted List link:

From the Preview, you can see the total number of subscribers based on the defined rule(s).

This number could change up until the time the Broadcast is sent since subscribers are opting in and/or opting out in real-time.

The Preview indicates the number of subscribers as of Date and Time. In the example above, the date is: December 27 2016 and the time is 09:26:29. The time will be displayed based on the Organizational Time Zone setting. Users can also search for a subscriber to determine if they will be included in the Broadcast. The subscriber will either be FOUND or NOT FOUND.

When the Broadcast is saved (and before it is sent), you can see if Targeting Rules were used or not by viewing the Broadcast details:

Once a Broadcast is sent, you will be able to see which List was Last broadcasted to and the number of recipients: