About Kaleyra SMS

With Kaleyra SMS you can send promotional (marketing), transactional (notification), or OTP (one-time password) messages to your audience, and if needed receive SMS from your customers too. To start sending SMS, you need to create a valid sender ID (in a few countries, these require approval) and you have to comply with telecom regulations in your countries of operation to be able to send messages successfully.

Some of the key features that set Kaleyra SMS apart are real-time analytics, demand-based scaling, and dedicated infrastructure for high-volume customers.

You can also leverage SMS as a fallback channel to reach users when data connectivity is not available and make your communication work anywhere and anytime. Ensure an additional level of deliverability of your mission-critical messages by enabling the SMS channel as your primary or backup option.

Messaging Features

  • Reach every country in the world with trusted and reliable routes.
  • Personalize the text of the SMS with custom fields and make it more engaging.
  • Create your customized sender ID this will help your customer recognize trusted communications.
  • Send messages to your customers in the language of their preference.
  • Schedule your campaigns at the time best suited for your communications. Messages get triggered automatically on time.
  • Ensure that recipients receive text messages larger than 160 characters as a single message.
  • Shorten your links, send attachments with messages, and track your campaign. All this is possible with a URL shortener.
  • Access dashboards with the data on campaigns sent delivered, and undelivered statuses along with logs and reports.
  • Send high-volume text messages with the brand-recognized 5-to 6-digit number of your choice.