An autoresponder chatbot allows you to respond to an incoming message from the end user automatically. Kaleyra's Autoresponder chatbot is a basic chatbot capable of responding to a single message. You can consider an autoresponder as a one-time message responder to the end user's message.

Definitions and Terms

Following are the definitions and terms that you will encounter when creating an autoresponder:

Sender Number - The approved WhatsApp number to which your chatbot is connected.

API Key - A unique API key configured for the account. It is an optional field.

Message - The message you want to quickly send when an end user sends a message to the configured sender number.

Autoresponder Example

Example 1: You can reply to an incoming message from the end user with an email or phone number for further contacting you as follows:

To learn more about the autoresponder features, refer to the following links: