Bulk Upload URL Features

A few features are available for URLs that are uploaded in bulk using the template file. For example, search the URLs from an uploaded list, request a URL shortener report, download the report after approval, edit an uploaded URL, and delete a URL from the template.

To utilize the available bulk URL features, perform the following steps:

  1. Log in to your Kaleyra.io account.
  2. On the left menu bar, click URL Shortener.
    The Single URL tab detail appears.
  1. Click Bulk Upload.
    The Bulk Upload tab details appear.
  1. Click the arrow (>) next to the bulk upload file to view the uploaded URLs.
    The Details page appears.
  1. Perform the following:
    • Search - You can search for shortened URLs using the specified name. For more information, see Search Shortened URL.
    • Request report - You can request the shortened URL usage report. For more information, see Request Shortened URL Report.
    • Download report - You can download the shortened URL report after the request is approved. For more information, see Download Shortened URL Report.
    • View Report - You can view the downloaded report. For more information, see View Shortened URL Reports.
    • Edit - You can edit the shortened URL except for the label and the slug. For more information, see Edit Shortened URL Details.
    • Delete - You can delete the shortened URL. After deletion, it will be removed from the bulk URL file. For more information, see Delete Shortened URL.
    • Click the arrow next to Created on column to view the Views, Unique clicks, and Last viewed counts.