Get URL Analytics Data

GET Method

The Get URL Analytics Data API GET request enables you to get analytics data (IP, Browser, Browser Version, and many more) for a shortened URL.

Request Format

To get the URL analytics data, use the following endpoint:

curl --location --request GET '<URL>/v1/<SID>/url-shortner/logs/<ID>?page=<PAGE>' \
--header 'api-key: <API-KEY>'



Ensure to replace the parameter values with the proper inputs in the above code.

Parameters and Variables

Following is the list of parameters and variables used:

URLStringBase URL based on region.<>True
SIDStringAccount SID (Security Identifier).HXXXXXXX071USTrue
IDNumberURL shortener ID to get the associated URL shortener URL from the database.317True
PAGENumberThe number of pages in which you wish to view the logs.

One page can have a maximum of 25 records.
API-KEYAlphanumericAPI key generated from account.Axxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx3True

Response Format

This section provides you with the success and failure JSON response format for different scenarios. Refer to the below sections for more information:

Sample Success Response
Sample Failure Response

Sample Success Response

The following is a sample success response:

    "code": "RBC103",
    "message": "Request successfully executed!",
    "data": [
            "client_ip": "1xx.x.x.1",
            "browser": "Chrome",
            "browser_version": "92.0.4xx5.1x1",
            "browser_lang": "[\"en-gb\",\"en-us\",\"en\"]",
            "platform": "Windows",
            "platform_version": false,
            "device_type": "WebKit",
            "country": "",
            "city": null,
            "created_at": "2022-03-03 18:53:57+05:30",
            "mobile": "",
            "clicked_time": "2022-03-03 18:55:08+05:30"
    "error": {},
    "limit": 25,
    "offset": 0,
    "total": 1

Sample Failure Response

The following is sample failure responses:

    "code": "RBC168",
    "message": "No Data Found",
    "data": [],
    "error": {}
    "code": "RBC235",
    "message": "Invalid id Property",
    "data": [],
    "error": {
        "error": "Invalid id Property"

Sample Request

curl --location --request GET '' \
--header 'api-key: Axxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx3'