Email Logs

The email logs page shows the list of all the emails sent in the last three days.

  1. On the Email channel widget, click Manage.
    The email Logs page appears. The list shows the log of all the emails sent in the last 3 days with the relevant details.
  1. To filter the emails on the Logs page, click Filter. The filter dialog appears.
    You can filter based on all the fields of the email Logs page.
  2. Select the required fields to filter and specify the filter conditions in the additional fields provided. In the additional fields, you can select the value from the drop-down list based on the search field selected.



You can only give a single word in the search field for 'template' filter condition.

For example:

  1. For the Date search field, you can select the value ‘before’ and specify a date from the calendar icon in the next field as shown.
  2. To add more than one search condition, click +Add Filter.
    A new search row appears.
  1. Click Apply after specifying all the search conditions.
    The emails that satisfy all the filter conditions appear on the page.