Send SMS through Campaign Canvas

You can send an SMS through Campaign Canvas from the Oracle Eloqua application.

To send an SMS through Campaign Canvas, perform the following steps:

  1. Login to Oracle Eloqua account.
  2. Select Campaigns from the ORACLE Eloqua menu bar and then click Create a Multi-Step Campaign. The Template Chooser page appears.
  3. Select Blank Campaign and then click Choose button. A blank page appears where you can drag and drop elements to start building your campaign.



  • To test a trial account, create a segment with just one number added. This should be the same number that you have registered on
  • If you have completed KYC and registered your Sender ID, then you can choose a segment of your choice and build the steps as required.
  1. Add Kaleyra Cloud Send SMS action to the canvas.
  2. Click Kaleyra Cloud Send SMS action and right-click Configure to create the content of your message. The below page appears.

The Cloud Action Configuration screen has the following options:

  • CONTACT PERSONALIZATION - You can insert Contact fields and also set the default values in case if the contact field is empty.
  • Custom Data Objects (CDO) PERSONALIZATION - You can insert CDO fields and also set the default values in case if the CDO field is empty.



You can insert up to three CDOs in the campaign canvas and the system will fetch the last updated value of the selected CDO.

  • SHORT URL - You can add a shortened URL by using the SHORT URL button. Please ensure you add HTTPS.
  1. Click SAVE. Once you save the message, you can send a test to a number. However, the personalized data will not be included as there is no actual record to pull the data from.
  2. Verify and activate the campaign to trigger.

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