WhatsApp Analytics - Logs

The WhatsApp Analytics Logs get generated for all the WhatsApp messages sent and received. WhatsApp Logs help you get detailed information about all the WhatsApp messages like type, WhatsApp numbers, conversation category, date and time, and also the message body.

You can search the logs based on the WhatsApp number associated with each WhatsApp message. Additionally, you can use the filters to search the logs more precisely. You can expand the WhatsApp logs to view details such as the complete message body, country, and message format. The expand option is available next to the Message Body column.

Generate WhatsApp Logs

WhatsApp logs get generated when you send or receive a WhatsApp message using your Kaleyra.io account. Any delivered, seen, sent, or failed WhatsApp message gets listed on the Logs page.

Order_details and payment details in WhatsApp logs

WhatsApp logs are generated for the 'order details' messages with payment links sent to customers. The customers can make the order payment from WhatsApp and the businesses get notified about the payment status through webhooks.

WhatsApp logs also capture the 'order status' message sent to customers for updating about the order processing status.
The message body column shows the order details, order status messages and the Message Body >Format shows the type of message sent or received.

View, Search, and Filter WhatsApp Logs

To view, search, and filter the WhatsApp logs, perform the following steps:

  1. Sign in to your Kaleyra.io account.
  2. Click Channels and on the WhatsApp card, click Manage.
  1. Click the Analytics tab and then Logs. The Logs page appears.
  1. Click the expand icon next to the Message Body column.
    The Logs detail information appears.

The following screen shows logs for order detail messages.

The following table contains details about the order details and the order status messages displayed on the Logs page:

TypeDisplays an icon to indicate whether the WhatsApp message is incoming (downward arrow) or outgoing (upward arrow).
FromDisplays the WhatsApp number of the sender with the country code and the timestamp of when the message was sent.
ToDisplays the WhatsApp number of the receiver with the country code and the timestamp of when the message was received. This column also displays the status of the outgoing WhatsApp messages such as Delivered, Seen, Sent, and Failed. For incoming messages, Sent status is displayed.
Conversation CategoryDisplays the Conversation Category of the message such as Marketing, Utility, Authentication, Service, and Free Entry Point.
Message BodyDisplays the actual body of the WhatsApp message along with the message format such as text, template, media, media template, list, reply, address message, location, and contacts.

Note: In case you use WhatsApp messages to send address messages to your customers, then the address information entered by your customer will be shown in this area. For more information, refer to the Send an Interactive WhatsApp Address Message document.

In the Search for WhatsApp Logs field, enter the WhatsApp number for which you wish to search the logs.

Click Filter, to filter the logs based on different fields available.
The available filter options appear, you can now narrow your search filtering by Conversation category, message Format, message Status, and date of Creation.