Chatbot Tabular Reports

The Chatbot tabular reports show all the relevant details of the messages sent by the bots to end users and vice-versa, along with other important events.



  • The Chatbot allows you to download the following reports:
    • The older version (reports available from the beginning till April 21, 2024).
    • The enhanced version (reports available after April 21, 2024)
  • If you are requesting the report ranging before and after April 21, 2024, then the downloaded .zip folder will contain both the new format and old format reports with file names comprising “newformat” and “oldformat” respectively in the file name. To know more about the details available in the older version of Chatbot report, see Chatbot Tabular Reports (Older Version).

The enhanced version of the Chatbot tabular report is available for the time period after April 21, 2024, and contains the following details:

Column NameDescriptionExample
DATEThe date and the time at which the event occurred.2024-03-02T19:07:20:000Z
BUSINESS_PHONE_NUMBERThe number on which the bot is published.91983xxxxxx
CHATBOT_NAMEName of the chatbot.Customer Support Bot
CHANNELName of the channel through which the user is interacting with the bot.WhatsApp
CHATBOT_SESSION_IDA unique ID that specifies the Chatbot session to which an event belongs.dxxo-qxxxz
USER_PHONE_NUMBERThe user's WhatsApp number.91942xxxxxx
CHATBOT_EVENTGROUP_IDA unique ID that is generated for every incoming message and linked to all events triggered in response to it.08xxxxf1-fxxa-4xx6-axx2-0fxxxxxxxxd2
EVENT_TYPEThe type of event that was executed. The main event types include Incoming Message, Outgoing Message, API call, and Response Callback Message (which indicates that the API response was received and the Key Name was set).Incoming Message
EVENT_DETAILSDescription of the event, along with some additional details.User message received
MESSAGE_CONTENTContent of the message sent by the bot or the end user. Applicable only for incoming and outgoing messages.Hi!
BOT_MESSAGE_TYPEType of message sent by the bot, as configured on
INTENTName of the intent associated with the event.Forgot Password Request
FOLLOW_UP_QUESTIONAsk for Phone Number
MILESTONEIf set up, a milestone is linked to events of the type of Incoming Message or Response Callback Message that has passed all validations successfully and initiated the next step of the flow. Milestones are utilized to track when an end user effectively responds to a follow-up question, thereby reaching a specific stage in the flow. For more information, see number provided