Emojis in Broadcasts

Communicate Pro provides users with the ability to include emojis in their outbound (MT) messages. Emojis can be selected and inserted in the message text using a widget when creating:

  • Any type of Broadcast (SMS, MMS, Push, Multi-Variate, Template or Quick Broadcast) OR
  • Any type of Interactive Program with the exception of a Multi-Step Program

The widget comes pre-populated with an extensive emoji palette, reducing the need to manually copy and paste in the message body in order to use many popular emojis. The platform currently supports Unicode Version 6.0 emojis.

Users can browse and select emojis that are part of the following categories:

  • Smileys & People
  • Animals & Nature
  • Food & Drink
  • Travel & Places
  • Activity
  • Objects
  • Symbols
  • Flags

Additionally, the message text field in the UI has been enhanced to dynamically display the following context-sensitive information, as users type in the text and/or insert an emoji in the field.

  • Character count of the message
  • Number of message parts
  • Encoding used:
    • GSM for plain-text messages allows 160 characters per message part
    • UCS2 for messages containing Unicode characters allows 70 characters per message part (Note: emoji characters are Unicode characters)



  • Push Broadcasts will only display the number of bytes used by the message text and MMS messages will only display the number of characters used by the message text. Unlike SMS messages, Push notifications and MMS messages do not have limitations around the message length, and the concept of multi-part messages, and the type of encoding used is irrelevant.
  • Additional color variations for each emoji are not supported as yet, i.e. each emoji is only available for selection in one color only.
  • Kaleyra cannot guarantee that all emojis available in the widget will be rendered successfully on the end-user's mobile device. Delivery of the emojis depends on the underlying wireless carrier and whether or not the mobile device and messaging application supports them. Messages containing emojis will be automatically split into multiple-parts of 70 characters each. Kaleyra's gateway supports message concatenation, which means multi-part messages will be combined and assembled into a single, long message on the end-user's mobile device, as long as the wireless carrier and the device support message concatenation.

The screenshots below illustrate emojis inserted in SMS, MMS, and Push Broadcasts. To insert an emoji, use the smiley face icon in the editor: