Create Callback Profile for Outgoing WhatsApp Messages

You must configure the Callback Profile for WhatsApp Outgoing Messages to receive notifications regarding the WhatsApp message status (sent, delivered, read, and failed) for all the messages sent using your registered business WhatsApp number. You need to first create a Callback Profile and then add the Callback Profile ID to the WhatsApp Number.

Creating a Callback Profile for WhatsApp OutgoingMessages

To create a Callback Profile for Outgoing WhatsApp messages:

  1. Follow the instructions given in Callback Profiles.
  2. Select the required HTTP method:
    i. GET and in the Endpoint field, enter the endpoint and the query parameters as shown in the following example:<id>&custom_response=<custom_response>&timestamp=<timestamp>&mobile=<mobile>&message=<message>&status=<status>&phone_number=<phone_number>&error=<error>&error_code=<error_code>&ref=<ref>&ref1=<ref1>&ref2=<ref2>



    • You need to add your own endpoint where you want to receive notifications (the one here is just an example).
    • You MUST add all the query parameters in order to get the information about the incoming message.

ii. POST and
a. In the Endpoint field, enter the endpoint (as shown in the following example) where you want to receive notifications as shown:

b. Enter the following in the Endpoint field:

"id": "<id>",
"custom_response": "<custom_response>",
"timestamp": "<timestamp>",
"mobile": "<mobile>",
"message": "<message>",
"status": "<status>",
"phone_number": "<phone_number>",
"error": "<error>",
"error_code": "<error_code>",
"ref": "<ref>",
"ref1": "<ref1>",
"ref2": "<ref2>"

Sample Response

The following is an example of a callback received due to an incoming text message received by a customer:

id	c9e113f0-6fc2-4bd7-979c-ebdb2f600f38:0
status	delivered
timestamp	1693237864
phone_number	91xxxxxxxx08
mobile	91xxxxxxxxx08
message	Message delivered
custom_response	false

The following table displays the parameter in the sample response:

idThe unique API message ID shared with the customer in the callback.
statusMessage delivery status.
timestampThe time at which the callback is received.
phone_numberThe phone number of the recipient.
mobileThe mobile number of the recipient
messageMessage delivery information.
custom_responseStatic field set as false.

Add the Callback Profile ID to the WhatsApp Number

To receive a callback about the outgoing WhatsApp messages, you must ensure that the WhatsApp number has an associated Callback Profile ID configured. You can do this while creating a new WhatsApp Number or you can edit the configuration for an existing number.



You can use different callback profiles for other WhatsApp numbers, as in, different endpoints if needed.

  1. The Callback Profiles page displays all the existing Callback Profiles. Hover over the Callback Profile ID that you want to copy and click the Copy icon.
  1. On the menu, click Channels and on the WhatsApp card, click Manage.
  1. Click the Configurations tab. On the Numbers page, click Add Number.

On the Numbers page, click the three dots corresponding to the number that you want to edit and click Edit. Only the details of an approved number can be edited.

  1. In the Callback Profile ID field, enter the callback profile ID that is used in the APIs to trigger the callback to receive an update about the message status (e.g. Delivered, Read). For more information, refer to the instructions on the Add a Number page to configure a new number or Edit the configuration for an existing number.