Number Statuses

You can view the status of your numbers in the Numbers page. The number status varies based on different conditions such as number being under document verification, active, inactive due to insufficient funds, and many more.

To view the status of your number, perform the following steps:

  1. Sign in to your account.
  2. Navigate to Numbers.
    The Numbers page appears.
  1. The Status row displays the status of your subscribed numbers. The following are the statuses a number can have:
    a.) Under Verification: Numbers that are under document verification and are pending for approval from the administrator.
    b.) Active: Numbers are active and ready to use.
    c.) Inactive: The subscribed numbers will become Inactive if the user account has insufficient credits to renew the number at the time of the billing cycle. Also, in case, the documents that were under verification are rejected. You can check the reason for rejection by hovering over the number column, clicking three dots, and then selecting the View option. You can re-submit the document again for verification.
    d.) Renew Number: Numbers that failed to renew subscription on the billing date.
    e.) Unsubscribed: Numbers that are unsubscribed within 30 days of subscription date.
    f.) Expired: Numbers that are successfully unsubscribed and expired.

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