Download Credits History Report

You can download the credit history report to analyze the amount assigned to or withdrawn from your sub-account.

To download the Credits History report, perform the following steps:

  1. Sign in to your Kaleyra. io account.
  2. On the left menu bar, click Subaccounts.
    The list of menu options under the Subaccounts page appears.
  1. Click the Credits History tab. The Credits History page appears.
  1. Click Download History. You can view the credits history report with Date, Subaccount Name, Email, and Credits Transferred information in CSV format.

The downloaded report includes:

  • Date- Specifies the date on which the budget was assigned to a Sub-account.
  • Subaccount Name - Specifies the name of the sub-account user. The maximum limit for a sub-account name is 160 characters.
  • Email- Email address of the sub-account user.
  • Credits Transferred
    • When the amount is deducted from the sub-account, this column will show the amount with the symbol "-" . Example: -10.
    • When the amount is added to the Subaccount, this column will show the amount without the symbol "-" . Example: 10.
  1. Once the download report is completed, the “Report is downloaded successfully” message is displayed.



The report gets automatically downloaded to your mapped browser folder.