Advanced Variable Features - Save

Chatbot supports two types of variables:

  • Session variables - by default, all variables defined under Key Name are session variables. These are reset when an end user reaches an orphan block - that is when the user reaches a point in the flow without any other connected Intent or follow-up question. This can also occur when an end user exits an intent after 3 consecutive errors in response to a follow-up question.
  • Permanent variables - the "Save" function enables you to set the variable specified under the Key Name as a permanent variable, ensuring it remains saved throughout the entirety of the ongoing session. Once any data (e.g. user input) is stored in a permanent variable, that follow-up question will be skipped for the duration of the session, even if the user returns to the same point later on. By default, all variables defined under Saved States are permanent variables.

Consider the question “What is your name?”. If you set the Save field equal to true, the answer to this question would get stored in a permanent session. Therefore, even if the user revisits the same intent, the “What is your name?” question won't be repeated since the variable is already filled.

This feature can be used in situations where you need to store certain data that is unlikely to change throughout a session, such as an account number. This ensures that you won't need to request the information again, even if the user goes through the flow multiple times consecutively.