Suspend Subaccount

You can suspend or reactivate the sub-accounts associated with your Parent Account. You have the option to revoke the sub-accounts access temporarily and grant it back when required.

To suspend a sub-account, perform the following steps:

  1. Sign in to your account.
  2. On the left menu bar, scroll down and click Subaccounts.
    The Manage Subaccounts page appears with the list of all the sub-accounts available in your Parent Account.

  1. Click the ellipses (...) at the end of the sub-account and select the Suspend Subaccount option.
    The confirmation message for Suspend Subaccount appears.

  1. Click Confirm. The message Subaccount is successfully suspended appears and the account Status is changed to Suspended.

When a sub-account user tries to log in to a suspended sub-account, a message Your account has been suspended! appears.



To reactivate the suspended sub-account, click the ellipses (...) at the end of the suspended sub-account, and select the Reactivate Subaccount option. Click Confirm to reactivate the suspended sub-account.

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