Access Communicate Pro

To access Communicate Pro, perform the following steps:

  1. Log in to the Communicate Pro account using (for the US instance) or (for the UK instance).
  2. Once you log into Communicate Pro using the username and password provided by your Kaleyra Technical Program Manager, the WELCOME screen appears.



Communicate Pro supports most modern browsers including Chrome, Edge, and Firefox.

You can navigate Communicate Pro using the menu bar at the top of the screen.

  • HOME – allows you to return to the main welcome screen from anywhere within Communicate Pro.
  • CAMPAIGNS – used to configure and edit campaigns. For more information, see Campaigns page.
  • LISTS – used to manage your mobile community (aka your mobile subscriber database). For more information, see Lists page.
  • BROADCASTS – used to manage different types of broadcast messages that can be sent to a list of recipients. For more information, see Broadcasts page.
  • INTERACTIVE – used to create and manage different types of interactive programs.
  • SERVICES – offers additional enhancements and enhanced features to broadcasts and interactive programs such as coupons, external APIs, and web forms.
  • MESSAGES – used to view and filter upon inbound and outbound message traffic, as well as respond to mobile subscribers directly through the Chat and Live pages.
  • REPORTS – used to generate, view, and download reports about your campaigns, broadcasts, interactive programs, and recipient responses.
  • ADMIN – available to administrator users only, and used to setup new users, modify settings on existing users, create URL shorteners, or customize the Communicate Pro user interface.