Inbound Call

There are 2 main modalities for inbound call management:

a. Direct inbound: The easiest way to manage inbound calls and it is only applicable in scenarios where the caller knows the receiver and has a dedicated channel to reach her/him directly.

b. Contact center inbound (CTI): The routing mechanism of a CTI like Genesys dispatches incoming calls to an available operator. When the operator answers, an actual session is created within Kaleyra Video, allowing one-to-one communication with the client.

The following schema represents an example of a possible implementation:

c. Call-me-back: An additional modality is a custom call-me-back mechanism. This consists of an asynchronous behavior where the client submits a request to be contacted by an external system. An operator creates a room and invites the client to join, either through a link or with an in-app call.