Voice Campaign

Voice Campaigns allow businesses to send personalized voice messages in bulk. You can customize the pronunciation to best suit your audience with advanced text-to-speech capabilities and a wide range of languages ​​and voices.

The key features of using Kaleyra Voice Campaigns are:

  • Send bulk Voice messages on the Kaleyra.io application.
  • Generate human-like pronunciations with the help of Speech Synthesis Markup Language (SSML) tags and Neural Voices.
  • Sound Manager to upload and manage sound files.
  • The Flow Builder integration allows you to use all available Flow Builder widgets and features in your voice campaigns. Businesses can create interactive and engaging campaigns, providing customized information based on customer input. For more information related to the Flow Builder widget library, see the Flow Builder Widget Library page.
  • Option to upload CSV files with all the relevant information, which can then be used as variables to personalize messages.

Use Cases:

The following are the main use cases you can cover using Voice Campaigns:

  • Loan EMI reminder calls that automate part of the collection process.
  • Send out transactional updates and notifications to customers in a timely manner.
  • Pass exclusive offer-related information to loyal customers.
  • Outbound surveys to capture responses using keypress and speech.
  • Schedule calls to interested leads and route them to agents based on customer input.