View Subaccounts

You can view the created sub-accounts list. You can view the details and status of all the sub-accounts associated with your Parent Account. Also, you have the option to search and filter the sub-account with the name and the status of the sub-accounts. You can manage (edit, track, or suspend) sub-accounts based on your requirements.

To view the sub-accounts, perform the following steps:

  1. Sign in to your account.
  2. On the left menu bar, scroll down and click Subaccounts.
    The Manage Subaccounts page appears with the list of all the sub-accounts available in your Parent Account.

  1. You can filter the sub-account in one of the following ways:
    • Search - In the Search field, enter the sub-account name, and then press ENTER. The sub-account based on the search entry appears.
    • Status - Click the arrow next to Status. Select one of the options from the following list:
      • Invited - When a sub-account is created but the user has not reset the password (if the Send an invitation email to the subaccount is selected while creating the sub-account).
      • Active - When a sub-account is created with the following scenarios:
        • If an invitation email is sent to a sub-account user, once the sub-account user resets the password on, then the status gets updated from Invited to Active.
        • If an invitation email is not sent to a sub-account user, as soon as the account is created, the status is Active.
      • Suspended - When a sub-account is suspended by you in the sub-account module or by the Kaleyra Support team.
      • Deleted - When the sub-account is deleted by the Kaleyra Support team based on your requests.
  2. You can view the following account details:
    • Subaccount Name - Name of the sub-account user.
    • Subaccount Email - Email address of the sub-account user.
    • Channels - Channels enabled for the sub-account user.
    • Credit Type - The credit usage assigned to the sub-account, Assign Budget, or Shared Usage.
    • Balance/Usage:
      • Balance—Applicable for sub-accounts on Assign Budget, the balance available to the sub-account user.
      • Usage—Applicable for sub-accounts on Shared Usage, the amount consumed so far in the billing period by the sub-account user.
    • Low Balance/Limit:
      • Low Balance—Applicable for sub-accounts on Assign Budget, the threshold amount set for the sub-account user (it appears when the Send me an alert notification if the balance is low checkbox is selected while adding or editing the sub-account details).
      • Limit—Applicable for sub-accounts on Shared Usage, the usage limit set for sub-account users.
    • Status - The current status of the sub-account. It can be one of the following:
      • Invited
      • Active
      • Suspended
      • Deleted
  3. You can perform the following: