Voice Error Codes

This document provides information about the error codes you would receive when executing the Voice REST APIs.

HTTP Status Code

HTTP StatusDescription
200Successful request.
202Successful, the request has been accepted.
400Invalid input, validation failed.
500Server error, unable to process your request.

Response Error Code and Description

Error CodeDescription
RBC201Incorrect API or SID.
RBC212Access denied, unauthorized IP.
RBC3004Invalid inputs, validation error.
RBC3007Submitted successfully.
RBC3107Schedule time can be a maximum of 3 months from the current time.
RBC3108Schedule time must be 15 minutes greater than the current time.
RBC3110Invalid number.
RBC3114The sound file is not found.
RBC3115IVR flow selected in the target is unavailable.
RBC3122Invalid target format.
RBC3123Invalid bridge number.
RBC3125Duplicate numbers in the 'To' field.
RBC3132Invalid retry format.
RBC3138Invalid timeout format.
RBC3161Invalid callback format.
RBC618Invalid call_me_first parameter.

Contact [email protected], if you get an error that is not listed in the above table.