Automation use case: Add Customers

You can add customers using the automation flow.

To add customers using the automation workflow, perform the following steps:

  1. Login to the Shopify account.
  2. Go to Customers tab and click Add customer.

You can navigate to the New customer page.

Enter the Customer overview details:

a. First name - Enter the First name field.

b. Last name - Enter the Last name field.

c. Language - Enter the Language field. English is the default language.

d. Email - Enter the email address.

e. Phone number - Click the arrow next to the Phone number field to view the list of country. Select as appropriate and enter the phone number.

  1. After entering all the mandatory details, click Save. The New customer is created.
  1. Go back to Automations page and click Automations, you can view the recent activity (the status of the new automation created).
  1. Click the recently created Custom marketing automation with the status "Active". The Automations details page appears.
  1. Scroll down until Workflow, and then click Send HTTP request.

The "Send HTTP request Succeeded" message appears.

  1. Once the HTTP request message is succeeded, you can view the Custom marketing automation triggered SMS under Channels> Analytics of the page.