BFSI Solutions

BFSI Analytics April 5, 2023


SMS Channel

  • Masking the Country Code column in the message table when the column is empty.
  • Using browser local storage customized column selections in the messages table are preserved across page changes and different browser sessions.

Previous Release Notes

BFSI Analytics March 9, 2023

New Feature

  • Added a Service search field with autocomplete in the filter section.


  • Added the MO Destination number in detail view.
  • Introduced bilingual status description (ITA-ENG) for the Email channel.

Bug Fix

  • Corrected an issue where the number of metadata displayed in the message table depends on the first message received.
BFSI Analytics February 15, 2023

New Feature

  • When a specific timezone is set using the Timezone selection, all the dates related to graphs and messages get updated accordingly.