Kaleyra WhatsApp API

Can I use any phone number, or do I need a specific WhatsApp business number?

Every WhatsApp account is associated with a phone number. This phone number must not have a history of previous registrations or affiliation with WhatsApp.
There are three types of eligible phone numbers:

  • Fixed Lines: Probably the easiest to use as long as the developer can pick up a phone call when doing the setup.
  • Cellphones: Can be used as long as the number has not been used for any other WhatsApp account in the last six months.
  • 1-800 or toll-free numbers: Can be used as long as the phone number is capable of receiving SMS or voice calls directly. You cannot use numbers that are behind IVR. (If you have a phone number already registered using a manual code before, it will continue to work normally.
    For more detailed information on picking and registering a phone number, see the WhatsApp’s Phone Number guide and Rules for creating a business name.
Once integrated with the Kaleyra application, will my profile show up as a verified account?

Kaleyra will raise a request to WhatsApp for the setup of your verified account. However, you need to have a verified Facebook account. Otherwise, your request for a verified WhatsApp number will be rejected.



There is no predefined turnaround time (TAT) for account setup, and WhatsApp Business does not guarantee accounts' approval.

I already have a WhatsApp linked with another vendor. Can I migrate from them to Kaleyra?

If you already have a WhatsApp account integrated with another vendor, you cannot migrate the same account to Kaleyra, as Facebook does not permit this. In such cases, you can create a new account with Kaleyra, and we can help you get started.

How long will it take to get a verified WhatsApp Business Account?

The WhatsApp Business API is currently limited to public view, and WhatsApp’s approval is required for all customers entering the program. Kaleyra can help you onboard on to WhatsApp and get your documents, use cases, and templates approved by Facebook.
It typically takes 2-3 weeks for the process, including approval, verification, and setting up of the account. This is subject to change as it is dependent on Facebook, and it may take longer for some instances.

How can I start using WhatsApp Business?

Once your profile has been verified by Facebook and your business profile has been created on WhatsApp, you can immediately start receiving and sending messages through Kaleyra’s APIs.

Can I move a phone number back to the Business App from Business API?

Once a phone number is registered on the WhatsApp Business API, it cannot be used for the WhatsApp Business or consumer app. A phone number can be upgraded to the Business API but not downgraded from there.

Can I integrate Kaleyra WhatsApp with third-party bots?

Yes. You can integrate Kaleyra WhatsApp with third-party bots. Kaleyra provides Webhook configuration for businesses to handle incoming messages. Outgoing messages can be managed with our APIs.

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