Create a Coupon

You can create a coupon using the following page.

  1. To create a coupon, select Services > Coupons > Create Coupon from Communicate Pro’s main menu.
    The Create New Coupon page will appear.
  1. On the Create New Coupon page, fill the fields with relevant information using the the following steps:
    Name: Enter the coupon name.
    Select the type of Coupon you wish to create: Select either the Coupon(Plain text) or Coupon (QR Code).
    Message Text when redemption codes are available for distribution: Enter the message that you want to display.
    Non-Winning Response: Enter the non-winning response.
    Redemption codes - this section is to specify from where you will pick the redemption codes.
    Source: Specify whether the redemption codes are fetched from a file or manually entered.
    File Upload: Select the file that contains the redemption codes.
    Notify When Available Coupons are Low: Select this option, if the application should notify the number of available coupons falls below the specified number.