Team Members

The Team Members page shows the list of all the users associated with the account.

To view the Team Members page, click Team > Team Members option on the left pane of the application.

Using this feature, you can:

Invite a team member

To invite a member into the team,

  1. On the Team Members page, click Invite Member.

The Invite Members to the Team dialog box appears.

  1. On this page, enter the team member's name and Email address.
  2. Click on Add new in case you want to invite more than one member at a time.
  3. Click Send Invitation.
    The team member's name is shown with the Invitation Sent status on the Team page.

The member receives an email invitation to join the Kaleyra account through the Kaleyra registration process.

After successful registration, the member row is shown with the 'Active' status in the Team's list.

Search a team member

To search for a particular team member, enter the member’s name in the search bar and press the Enter key.

To filter team members based on the status, select the status and click Apply.
The team member details with only the selected status appear on the list.

Edit a team member access

To edit a team member's access:

  1. Select the team member row using the three dots.
  2. Select the Edit option.

The Edit User window appears.

  1. Make the necessary changes. Note that only a selected list of fields is available for editing.
  2. Click Save.

Delete a team member

To delete a team member record:

  1. Select the team member row using the three dots.
  1. Select Delete.
    The Delete User dialog window appears.
  2. Click Delete to delete the team member record.
  3. Select Cancel to abort the deletion.



If you delete a team member's account who has created one or more API keys, all the API keys created by the team member become invalid and any API calls made using the API keys will fail.

Before deleting a team member's account, contact the kaleyra support team to know which API keys get affected due to deletion.

The system does not show any warning message about the deletion impact while performing the delete operation.