Enable WhatsApp Delivery Callback URLs in Kaleyra

After the template is validated and saved successfully, you need to configure the WhatsApp Callback URLs that you have used in the CleverTap from the kaleyra.io application to get notifications related to WhatsApp message delivery reports in CleverTap's Dashboard. If you do not enable the WhatsApp Callback URLs also in the kaleyra.io application, then the WhatsApp message will be delivered but you will not get the message delivery reports in CleverTap.

To get the WhatsApp Callback URLs for CleverTap, contact the Kaleyra Support team.

To enable WhatsApp callback URLs from the Kaleyra application, perform the following steps:

  1. Sign in to your Kaleyra.io account.
  2. On the top right bar, click user profile.
  1. Click Settings.
    The Notification page appears.
  1. Click the Settings tab.
    The Settings page appears.
  1. In the Enable WhatsApp Callback URLs field, enter the HTTP Endpoint shared by the Kaleyra Support team to configure the WhatsApp Callback.
  2. Click Save. The WhatsApp Callback URL is configured.