WhatsApp Campaign

Launch a WhatsApp Campaign to send messages in bulk.

'WhatsApp Campaign' on the Kaleyra.io platform enables businesses to send messages in bulk to worldwide customers. With quick campaign processing time and minimal effort, the WhatsApp campaign serves as the most popular mode of communication to help achieve your business goals.

The key benefits of using WhatsApp campaign are:

  • No API calls—send bulk WhatsApp messages on the Kaleyra.io application.
  • Easy contact selection—select end customers using a file, or contacts directory or just paste the contact numbers in the Kaleyra interface.
  • Quick launch—send a WhatsApp message to a large audience with minimum effort and time.
  • Template usage—use the existing WhatsApp templates or create a new template



The template that you create on-the-fly must be sent for approval to Meta before use.