Multi-Step Program Configuration

When keyword tracking is enabled, communicate Pro automatically creates a multi-step program that listens for each keyword configured as part of the Multivariate Test Broadcast. You can decide to add actions to the Multi-step program, such as configuring SMS replies or adding Subscribers to a List. However, editing the program is not a requirement for enabling tracking.

To add actions to the multi-step program configuration, perform the following steps:

  1. Click the OK, EDIT NOW button and configure the program just like
    you would do for any other Multi-step program.

The following screen appears.

  1. Click SAVE PROGRAM. The Multivariate Test details page appears. For more information, see Viewing the Broadcast before delivery page.
  2. Click the WILL DO THIS LATER button if you do not wish to add actions to the Multi-step program.



If you do not go back to program editing, it will be automatically activated when the multivariate test broadcast is sent. In this case, keyword tracking will be enabled, but no other action will be performed.

  1. The Multi-step program gets automatically deactivated once the Tracking Days have elapsed.