Play the audio message of your choice when the widget is triggered.

To use the play widget, perform the following steps:

  1. Drag the Play widget onto the canvas from the Widget Library.

The Play widget pop-up appears.


The play widget has the following fields to configure:

  • Define the message to be played

  a. Text-to-Speech
Enter the text that should get played as speech. The character limit is a minimum of 3 and a maximum of 4000.
Speech Rate — Select the speech rate at which the message should be played.
Language — Select the language from the list, in which the defined message should be played.
For More information on Text-to-Speech, see the Text-to-Speech page.

  b. Select Audio
Select an existing sound file that you want the customer to listen to.


  c. Upload File
Upload a new sound file to play. The uploaded sound file will be saved to the account under Sound Manager for easy access.

You can upload a file either Offline or Online.


  i. Offline

Offline lets you directly upload Mp3 or WAV files from the local desktop.
Enter the title in the text box. You can drag and drop the mp3 or WAV file or click to upload a file.



Only alphabet, numbers, space, hyphen, and underscore are allowed. The maximum file size is set to 10 MB.

  ii. Online

Online lets you provide the URL or path to the sound file instead of downloading the file and uploading it.
Enter a public file link in the text box.



Only Mp3 and WAV formats are supported. The file size inside the URL must be within 10 MB.

  • File Cache Duration (Optional)

The File Cache Duration lets you cache the uploaded sound file for a configured duration.
a. Enter the duration in the text box. You can use the up and down arrow to add the duration.
b. Select Hours/Days from the list.
2. Click Save to save the changes.
3. Click Delete to delete the widget.

Sample Play Widget Flow Diagram: