Kaleyra's chatbot solution is an AI-based automated system that can extract user intent and guide customers to meet their needs. With this solution, you can build simple FAQ-based chatbots, menu-driven decision tree chatbots, and humanoid conversational chatbots. Help your customers book services, learn about your company and products, find your nearest store, schedule appointments, order details, report an issue, make payments, give feedback, and many more. Automate customer care interactions with AI-powered conversations that solve customer issues in real-time.

Kaleyra Chatbot Provides:

  • Quick Responses - Boost brand image by answering your customersโ€™ queries in real-time.
  • Human-like interaction - Give your brand a human touch and interact in a personal way within a conversational chatbot UX design.
  • Easy Integration - Set up the chatbot to work with your WhatsApp account with our simple APIs.
  • Customer experience - By collecting additional data, Kaleyra chatbots can greatly improve the customer experience by facilitating more interactions, streamlining the customer journey, offering real-time personalization, and helping businesses gather actionable data that they can use to improve their products and services. Well-established, advanced AI-powered bots enable customers to complete the entire customer journey within a conversation.


Kaleyra Chatbot offers the following features:

No code Chatbot Builder

This is a pre-programmed interface where you can enter your intentions, questions, and answers. The Kaleyra.io platform provides an interactive interface that allows you to quickly design and launch bots without having to develop them from scratch.

API and Integrations

Kaleyra's chatbot solution is designed for integration, so the bot can be controlled using an API. This also enables integration with third-party services that provide REST API endpoints such as CRMs for message customization, status reporting, inventory and merchandise management, payment gateways, and many more.

AI enabled

All Kaleyra chatbots are powered by AI, so chatbots use NLP (Natural Language Processing), NER (Natural Entity Recognition), and LLM (Large Scale Language Models) to make them work without additional training as is required in other chatbot solutions.


Chatbots are channel agnostic and can integrate with any channel we offer (WhatsApp, SMS, RCS, and many more) to create richer experiences and to use the channel to its full potential.



Currently supports chatbot using WhatsApp.


Use analytics to pull data directly from conversations. With the primary goal of meeting customer intent, you can quantify common metrics such as sessions, number of users, unique sessions or users, and many more.


Kaleyra Chatbot offers the following Benefits:

24/7 availability

This provides a consistent 24/7 support experience.

Instant and one-on-one responses

Chatbots can answer thousands of customer queries quickly and simultaneously, improving average response times.


Bots powered by AI can be integrated with all the available communication channels (including WhatsApp, SMS, RCS, and more are being introduced) and provide support through these channels.



Currently supports chatbot using WhatsApp.

Increase Customer Engagement

Kaleyra's AI-powered chatbots can drive engagement with customer data and make it more interactive.

Improve Lead Generation

Chatbots collect information, including relevant questions about the customer journey, to help you better qualify leads before routing them to your sales team or service.

Reduce Customer Service Costs

By using chatbots to automate the tasks like booking FAQs, customer service teams can focus on more complex tasks by optimizing customer service costs.

Gain insights from conversational data

Another advantage of chatbots is the ability to collect data directly from conversations to improve products and services according to customer needs.

Achieve scalability of support

Expanding your support with chatbots allows you to better handle increased traffic and become more customer-centric.

Use cases

The following are the use cases used:

Call Deflection

Free your customer team to attend more important requests that require human intervention.
Businesses can save response time and interaction time by using chatbots.

Data Collection

Avoid boring forms and web pages by getting data directly from conversations.

Showcase your Products and Services

Allow potential customers to explore your products and services using native messaging channels.

Place Orders

Allow customers to explore your products and place orders seamlessly by converting prospects to customers within a matter of minutes.

Book Appointments

Businesses can allow customers to book appointments at a convenient time and find a free slot with ease.

Accept Payments

Simplify customer purchases by integrating all payment methods

Customer Satisfaction Survey

Customer feedback helps companies improve their customer service. Create a series of questions to make sure you are serving your customers well and get valuable insights from their feedback.

Kaleyra's Chatbot includes:


Navigate Chatbot

Chatbot Dashboard




Enterprise Chatbot

Advanced Chatbot

Build Media and Interactive Messages in Chatbot

Request a Chatbot Report