User Profile Settings

This page details the various options related to user profile management.

The different options under User Profile are as follows:

My profile

The My profile option allows you to make modifications to your profile information.

To go to the Profile dialog box, click the user profile drop-down and select the My Profile option.

The Profile page appears.
The user profile information that you see in this window is based on the registration details that you provide during the registration process.

You can edit the Image, Full Name, and the Timezone fields.
After making the changes, click Save.


Using the Support option on the User profile drop-down, you can reach the Kaleyra Developer Hub.

Kaleyra Developers Hub

The 'Kaleyra Developer Hub' is a knowledge base that contains:

  • Articles on various Kaleyra Tools, APIs, Integrations, and Release Notes.
  • Link to the options with which you can reach out to Kaleyra.
  • A link to the app sign-in page.
  • A link to the details of how you can reach Kaleyra Support.

View Kaleyra Developer Hub help content

You can access articles on various Kaleyra Tools, APIs, Integrations, and Release Notes, to view the articles,

  • On the Kaleyra Developer Hub page, click on the required link. The help page appears with the selected content as seen in the following image.
  • You can also use the search option to look for any specific topic by entering the keywords to search for a specific article. The topics that are close to the search keywords appear in a drop-down list as shown.

Contact Us

The Contact Us button on the top right corner of the page leads you to all the information that you will need to contact the Kaleyra team. Sign In

As stated the Sign In link takes you to the Sign-In page where you can access the app using your credentials.


  • The Support link takes you to a page with the details of how you can reach Kaleyra Support.

Integrations Directory

The Integrations Directory option on the User profile drop-down gives you access to the Kaleyra Integrations (plugin) documentation.

  • From the User profile drop-down list, select the Integrations Directory option.
    The Integration Partners Overview page appears.

To search for a particular Plugin, you can use the left navigation menu or the Search bar and enter the Integrations Partner's name.


The Settings options under the user profile drop-down list give you various settings options related to your account. For detailed information on the Settings option, see Account Settings


On the User profile drop-down list, click Logout.
You are logged out of and the Login page appears.

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