Request WhatsApp Campaign Report

About WhatsApp Campaign Report lets you request a report for every WhatsApp campaign launched. The WhatsApp Campaign report shows the delivery statuses of all the messages sent to the contacts selected in the WhatsApp campaign. There are two types of reports:

  • Tabular: You can view the complete list of WhatsApp messages that you have sent or received from/to your WhatsApp number configured in the platform.
  • Summary: You can understand and monitor your aggregated data for WhatsApp messages and sessions. For more information, see Understanding WhatsApp Reports.

Request a WhatsApp Campaign Report

To request a WhatsApp Campaign report:

  1. Sign in to your account.
  2. Go to Campaigns and then click WhatsApp.

  1. On the WhatsApp page, click Analytics and then click Reports.

  1. On the WhatsApp Logs page, click Request Report.

Request for the Report screen appears.

  1. In the Title field, enter a name for the report.
  2. From the Select WABA IDs list, select the WABA IDs.
  3. Select the type of report
  • Tabular Report— Provide detailed information about each message sent or received to the WhatsApp numbers.
  • Summary Report—Contains aggregated information about WhatsApp sessions or messages. When you select the Summary option, additionally you have to select one of the following options:
    • Sessions—This report provides details on the total number of sessions opened and the amount spent. For more information, see WhatsApp Summary Report for Sessions.
    • Messages—This report provides aggregated information about sent and received messages including the final status of your delivery performance. For more information, see WhatsApp Summary Report for Messages.
  1. To select a date range, click the Date Range field. A list of options appears. Select one of the following options:
    • Today —To request a WhatsApp report for today.
    • Last 7 days—To request a WhatsApp report for the past seven days.
    • Custom Range—To request a WhatsApp report within a date range. When you select the Custom Range option the following fields appear:
      • Start Date—In the Start Date field, enter the start date for the report in DD/MM/YYYY format or click Start Date and then select the date from the calendar.
      • End Date—In the End Date field, enter the end date for the report in DD/MM/YYYY format or click End Date and then select the date from the calendar.
  2. In the Set Filter to narrow down the results section, to add the filter based on parameters, use the + (add) icon next to the parameters:
    • Business Phone Number—Enter the phone number and click Apply.
    • Country—Select the name of the country and click Apply.
    • Message Format—Select the format of the message and click Apply.
    • Status—Select the status and click Apply.
    • Campaign Name—Select the name of the campaign and click Apply.
  3. Click Save to save the report request. The requested WhatsApp request gets Queued.



For summary report, you will get a notification through email after the report generation is completed and available to download.

Search, Filter, and Download WhatsApp Campaign Reports

You can search, filter, and download WhatsApp (tabular and summary) reports.

To search, filter, and download WhatsApp reports, perform the following steps:

  1. Follow steps 1 to step 4 of Request a WhatsApp Campaign Reports.
    The Reports page appears.

  1. In the Report section, you can perform any of the following steps:
  • In the Search for Report Title field, enter the report title you want to search for, and then press ENTER. The search results display the reports.
  • Click Filter to filter the reports based on your requirements. You can use the following options to filter the reports:
    • Report Type - Filter the report based on Tabular or Summary. Select one of them and then click Apply.
    • Requested Date - Filter the report based on the requested date. The request date is the date when you have requested a specific report. You have the option to select the requested reports submitted today, yesterday, and so on. Select the requested date and then click Apply.
    • Status - Filter the report based on the status of the report such as completed, in progress, or so on. Select the status and then click Apply.
  1. Click the ellipsis (three dots) next to the available report to download the report and click Download.



You can download the WhatsApp Reports only for the requested report with Status as Completed.

The report gets downloaded in .CSV format to the mapped folder.