Templates Overview

SMS Template

A template is a ready-to-use message format that contains business information. You can use templates to send OTP, Transactional (TXN), Transactional DND (TXND), M2M, and Marketing (MKT) messages to your customers on multiple occasions.

Templates Simplify Customer Communication

For example, a bank wants to send an SMS notification to a customer when the amount is deducted from the customer's account. Now, when a customer withdraws funds, an SMS notification is sent to them as an alert of this transaction. This type of transaction is common to most customers. Therefore, it makes sense for banks to create templates with standard content and parameter placeholders and replace them with relevant information.

Sample SMS Template


Sample SMS Template

Dear Customer, an amount of @var is debited from Account No @var at @var. If you did not make this transaction, call us at @var.

In the Sample SMS Template, you need to replace the following parameters with relevant information:

  • Amount Withdrawn
  • Account Number
  • Time of Transaction
  • Bank's contact number



If you are an Indian customer note that according to TRAI guidelines, you must register the templates with the network operators on the DLT platform before using them. For more information on the registration process, see the FAQs on DLT registration page.

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